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Gencad Systems
The Solution:  GenList automates the creation of setup sheets, tool list,
holder list, special cutter sheets, & special holder sheets all inside of a
CATIA V5 multi-tabbed CATdrawing.  Click
HERE to download the demo.  
Many other types of CATIA Automation programs available.  If you can
imagine it, They can do it!  Check out the new
App Store with scripts as
low as $9.99!
NCData Services is a manufacturing services and consulting company with 30 plus years of experience in the
development and implementation of CAD/CAM systems. We specialize in the application of CAD/CAM/CAE systems
to machining technology, manufacturing software migration, manufacturing processes, and CNC machine tool post
processor development services.  
CNC Post Processor Building
CNC Contract Programming Services
From business to programming to training to conversion utilities, Kentech Inc.
has created a line of REAL WORLD manufacturing software and machine shop
software unmatched in the world. You will find that our website is created with the
same philosophy as our software...Not all the flashy bells and whistles, but simply
productive. We Thank You for visiting our website and invite you to explore how real
world development can enhance your productivity and your bottom line.
WpcView allows you to represent machining programs written in  ISO, NC or APT code. The
three-dimensional data will be plotted on your screen from any viewpoint and in any zoom
scale you like.

By simply clicking a milling path on the screen, WpcView will answer exactly which NC
command line will execute this milling path in the NC program.

On the other hand you may click on an NC command line in the listed NC program and
WpcView will show you the corresponding milling path in the 3D plot on your screen.

But WpcView can do still more: A workpiece calculated with TechniSoft NC simulation will be
represented in shaded mode, and for detail control you may hide or show the milling paths or
the workpiece as you like.
Modular Tooling components for high-speed machining and Lean Manufacturing- try Invert-A-Bolt™ Products
Invert-A-Bolt™ products are routinely used to implement lean manufacturing initiatives in the work environment. By eliminating
dedicated fixturing and the related costs (tool design, manufacture, maintenance & storage) and creating standardized tooling & work
practices, it is possible to become significantly more efficient & productive
VERICUT software is used to simulate CNC
machining in order to detect errors, potential
collisions, or areas of inefficiency. VERICUT
enables NC programmers to correct errors
before the program is ever loaded on the
CNC machine, thereby eliminating manual
prove-outs. VERICUT also optimizes NC
program cutting speeds for more efficient
VERICUT Reviewer
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