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CNC Programming Services
CNC Contract Programming Services
CNC Contract Programming Services
Here's how it works:

Send (email or FTP preferred) a compressed folder containing the
following data if possible:

1) CAD Models
2) Blueprints, Parts Lists, General Notes, E.O.'s, etc.
3) Stock Material (and size if known)
4) Machine data:  
a) Make/Model
b) Control (FANUC 15i, MAZAK, YASNAC, SIEMENS 840D, etc..)
c) Limits (Spindle RPM, Feed rate, XYZ limits)
d)  Sample CL or NC programs
5) Lead time required.

You can compress and e-mail or if the files are large, contact us
and we'll send you a free
FTP browser as well as instructions to
upload the files.
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 As soon as possible we will send you a
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Any information shared is strictly confidential and
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“However seriously systems and measures may be discussed, they cannot be put into practice
unless there is the right man to do it. There is no deed without a doer. To have the right man is the
greatest blessing! One must aim at being that man." - Saigo Takamori (1827-1877)
Safe and Secure FTP delivery directly to True Precision.  Only True Precision will have access to
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server after receipt by True Precision.
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