CNC Contract Programming
Bottom Line- We get it right the first time.

We deliver quality programs that run efficiently and intelligently for
production or prototype
. With thousands of parts programmed,
we're never reinventing the wheel. Vast libraries of proven
processes covering almost every type of part and material
imaginable are kept on file for each customer to pull from and as
a result,
we're fast, organized, and accurate.  Please see the
"Contact us" page to read how it works.
Real World Experience

From Aluminum to Composites, Stainless to Titanium, our
programs are written from over 20 years of hands on
experience serving the aerospace industry.  We know the
difference between what cuts well on a computer screen and
what works in reality and you will get programs that are both
efficient and productive.
CNC Contract Programming Services by True Precision
  • Using a licensed and maintained version of CATIA V5, the
    most powerful CAD/CAM/CAE software in the world, we
    provide you with programs that are verified using CGTech's
    flagship product VERICUT and proven before they
    reach the machine.  

  • Detailed  run books are provided in printable or paper-less
    formats.  These include planning maps, tool lists, holder lists,
    special cutter drawings, supplemental operator inspection
    drawings, and set-up images before and after each
    sequence.  If you prefer, we can use your existing templates.

  • Full tool and fixture design service.  Designs are supplied
    as CAD solid model and/or blueprint and additionally, fixtures
    can be programmed and supplied with documentation.

  • Our programs use off the shelf tools wherever possible or
    we can use tools to your specification.  We have extensive
    contacts with many tool manufacturers, and will point you in
    the right direction.

  • You will be kept informed and updated of program
    status and we will work closely with your engineers to ensure
    your jobs get done quickly and efficiently.  You can watch your
    job run right on your computer screen as an AVI movie.  Just

  • NEW!  We have recently added KipwareXC software to
    our arsenal for full G-code to G-code Machine
    Conversions WITHOUT the need for the original CAM
    Source Code!
CNC Programming Services
CNC Programming Services
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CNC Programming Services
CNC Contract Programming Services
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